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This event could be your idea!

Do you have an idea or even multiple ideas that you want to realize but somehow you don't have the human-power/network/infrastructure? Talk to us together we can implement it! Any good idea should find it's way into the 'real' common world. We mean if this doesn't happen, how could it become a better one? ;-P
Let's believe in the reality in our mind:


“Everything you can imagine is real.” (Pablo Picasso)

//[anno 2021]//

Creativ Jam in Moabit each THURSDAY 2pm-6pm, Offenes Wohnzimmer,

Waldenserstraße 13 Moabit,

Pls negatively tested/vaccinated 😊💚💚


You are allowed to bring open minded people with you. 


Musical Jam-Session, Paint Jam, Poetry/Theater Jam- come here and dive into the  vibes of creativ minds and souls to be creativ yourself! 😉😊



(We even have Humus and self made kombucha for free/ to share) 🖖


Ps: bring your instruments(1 Piano is at the location + two monitors; no amps there), paint, whatever to be creativ and you want to do 🥰


//We also have paint/canvas/paper


Offenes Wohnzimmer