Sustainibility · 15. August 2021
While doing shopping it seems obvious that being sustainable or not depends on which products we buy. Because meanwhile we nearly always can chose a sustainaible alternative. Indeed this developement is important, but the real sustainability starts with one simple thought: Do i need that product at all, even if it has been produced 'sustainibly' ?
Discrimination? Not with us!
Discrimination? Not with us! · 15. August 2021
Just a little statement about our values: We disrespect all kind of discrimination and are going to create an impact against all of its forms: Racism. Sexism. LGTBQ*-Phobia. Discrimination because of age, handicap, illness or the specifique phenotype. Because we think: Every human-being has its natural right to live a peaceful life in this world!

Announcement · 02. August 2021
What a year - each event-organizer had to suffer from the pandemic impact but we stayed resistent and continued working in the resting possible ways: even more networking and finishing our HP. Now it's up to say: Cameras and mic's on and lets start our UMAMi-fun. //DEUTSCH Was war das für ein Jahr? Die Eventbranche hat sehr unter dem Lockdown gelitten, doch wir bleiben resistent und arbeiten da weiter, wo es geht: Wir vernetzen uns weiter und haben auch endlich unsere HomePage fertig gestellt....