Your individual business-event//Euer maßgeschneidertes Firmenevent:


We're gonna cook for your event - with your employees! For that we're gonna use tasty recipes and organic or rescued food.

Our ,Kitchen-Coordinators' will instruct your employees with fun and inspiration. In that way your team-spirit will grow organically. ;-)



Auf unseren Events wird gekocht- mit euren Mitarbeiter*Innen!

Wir kochen nachhaltige Rezepte mit euch, mit geretteten- oder Bio-Lebensmitteln und das alles mit Spaß und Inspiration unter Anleitung unserer Kitchen-Koordinator*Innen! So wächst ihr Teamgeist ganz organisch.


Sustainible values & culture //Nachhaltige Werte & Kultur

UMAM->UMAMi  --> UMAMi-Crew (Based on the collaboration

                                => UMAMi-Mouvement

                You can burn books but not ideas.

              The mouvement is everyone. Each of us all are made to express your deepest inner and souls and inspire to do so. Whenever we want, whereever we want - each moment

We need free collectiv vibes


We can create it whereever we are, even now!

Its up to use. :')

Activation of the mouvement:

A police officer wanted to grab my harmonica out of my hand, cause I, Paul-Felix Neumann/ARt3 played it after 10oClock in Mauerpark. Even if the soundwaves werent able to reach sleeping people, he thought he had to so it. I took it back, cause an instrument is a strongly personal thing.

Then they answered by violence. 

Being seen by quite a lot eye-witnesses.

Music is freedom [no crime]

Never let the music stop. Expression by Art !NOW! yeaH !NOW! is the key! 

Whenever we want. Whereever we want. NOW!


Extensive exchange  //Umfangreicher Austausch

At our events your co-workers can easily do networking, educate themselves relaxedly and shake freely their legs.


In that way we'll create the optimal climate to empower your corporate-identity sustainibly and offer your co-workers an exciting time.


Auf unseren Abenden können eure Mitarbeiter sich leicht vernetzen, entspannt weiterbilden und ausgelassen tanzen!

So gibt es die perfekte Atmosphäre, um eure Unternehmenskultur nachhaltig zu stärken und gleichzeitig Euren MitarbeiterInn*en eine schöne Zeit zu schenken!